Key Personnel

ENAR's Operational setup is based on the Disciplines are being Served and is Organized in Various Division Executed by Highly Experienced Key Personnel.

Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin
Managing Director
Email: Tel: +92.21.35062791
Mr. Akhlaq Hussain Jatoi
Company Secretary / Head Finance & Accounts
Email: Tel: +92.21.35073886
Mr. Tanveer-ul-Haque
G.M (Mechanical)
Email: Tel: +92.21.35077802
Mr. Farhan ul haq
Head Mechanical & Design Engineering
Email: Tel: +92.21.35056756
Mr. Syed Abed Hussain Burney
Head Process Engineering
Email: Tel: +92.21.35065210
Mr. Khalid Mohiuddin
Head Civil Engineering
Email: Tel: +92.21.35067523
Mr. Altaf Ahmed
Head Electrical Engineering
Email: Tel: +92.21.35051181
Mr. Syed Akhtar Raza
Head Corporate & Business Development
Email: Tel: +92.21.35073252
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed
Head Administration & Human Resource
Email: Tel: +92.21.35067521