EPCC Services

ENAR provide EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) services through its association and affiliation in multi-disciplinary areas with a successful track record in Oil & Gas industry.

ENAR has successfully participated in joint ventures and project-specific subcontracts with specialist technology companies and/or established construction companies to provide a wider range of service to its clients for specific needs.

ENAR can create a project execution team giving our client the advantages of a single point of contact responsible for seamless delivery of the whole project.

Our strength is to fast track EPC projects in a cost-effective manner and built according to the highest quality of standards. We are focused on meeting our clients’ expectations, emphasizing on confidence, teamwork, technical expertise and value, in every aspects of our projects.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Projects


    ENAR executed on complete responsibility basis a Condensate Processing Facility capable of processing local light crude oil/condensate @ 7,000 BPSD. The main components of the Facility are as follows:
  • Pre-heat train
  • Pre-flash column (Re-boiled) with Naphtha Stripper
  • Fractionation Column with HSD Stripper
  • Light Naphtha Stripper
  • Crude Oil/Product storage Facility comprising of twenty one (21) tanks with total capacity of 138,000 BBLS.
  • Complete offsite facilities (including crude receipt and product filling facilities)


    ENAR designed and executed a condensate processing facility capable of processing local light crude oil/condensate @ 3000 BPSD. The Facility comprises of all the components of a typical refinery with state of the art DCS Control System. The facility comprises of following units:
  • Process units
  • Pre-heat train
  • Pre-flash column with re-boiler and Naphtha stripper
  • Fractionation column with HSD stripper
  • Light naphtha stripper
  • Complete storage & offsite facilities (including crude receipt and product filling facilities)


    The Revamp–II aimed capacity enhancement and energy efficiency improvement of the following units of the Refinery:
  • Naphtha Hydro Treater (UOP Design)
  • Platformer (UOP Design)
  • Propane De-Asphalting Unit


  • The Revamp aimed to enhance capacity of Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) by 15% and optimize the heat train. ENAR engineered and executed the project on turn-key responsibility basis including project management, procurement assistance, construction supervision and start-up & commissioning assistance.
  • The project management and construction supervision was carried out by assigning a dedicated team consisting of Coordinator, Engineers (various disciplines), Supervisors and Inspectors at site.