Solar System Services

ENAR provides consultancy services in Design/Engineering, Procurement Assistance and installation supervision in complete Solar system for Gas plant as well as Wellhead Facilities.

Services Offered:

  • Site survey and resource estimation.
  • Solar specification.
  • Data sheets of Solar Array, charge controller & Batteries.
  • Design of complete solar system in accordance with load (Ampacity) requirement of facility.
  • Solar System General Arrangement, wiring & Section Detail Drawings.

Successful Projects Executed

  • OGDCL-UCH-II wellheads Development Project
  • OGDCL- Jhal Magsi wellheads Development Project
  • OMV-SAWAN Compression Project
  • OMV-Miano-16 wellhead Development Project
  • OMV-Miano-16 wellhead Development Project
  • OMV-MIANO-18 (NFO-2) wellhead Development Project
  • OMV-MIANO-15 Compression Project
  • OMV-REHAMAT-4 wellhead Development Project
  • OMV-SNH-1 wellhead Development Project
  • Oil Storage & Distribution System
  • OMV-SAQIB-3 wellhead Development Project

Solar panel Design Basis at Wellhead Locations:

Typically, the wellheads have un-manned facility & power is feed through portable generator which is provided by Maintenance department whenever required during maintenance or trouble-shooting periods. Consequently, electric power of essential panels such as RTU Panel, Hydraulic Panel, Communication Panel & instruments including of Cathodic protection system & battery charger of compressor is feed through Solar system. Solar Batteries autonomy time is considered as per client requirement & in- accordance with weather condition of area.